Run the VHI Mini Marathon

Help raise awareness of oesophageal cancer
by running this year's Vhi Women's Mini Marathon.

A little lolly goes a long way


Know the Risks

Oesophageal Cancer is a treatable condition if caught early enough. The danger is that it often starts with everyday digestive complaints that can be passed off as temporary inconveniences. If one or more of these symptoms persist contact your GP.

Click here for more information about the symptoms of oesophageal cancer.

Get Involved

How we raise money

Lollipop Day is the Oesophageal Cancer Fund's (OCF) national annual fundraising event. It takes place in late February with large scale volunteer collections held in towns and cities nationwide. Supporters donate by buying a lollipop or pin.

Click here for more information about how to volunteer with the the Oesophageal Cancer Fund

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A little lolly goes a long way
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