Lollipop Day
1st-2nd March 2019

Funding Oesophageal Cancer Research in Ireland

What We Fund

OCF through its fundraising events such as Lollipop Day, funds various research and related projects into oesophageal cancer.

The OCF considers individual programme and project grant applications in clinical and translational research in the field of oesophageal cancer. Clinical research can be aimed at any aspect of the disease spectrum, in-cluding epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, assessment and staging, and management of oesophageal cancer.

For example, public health awareness and epidemiological studies are welcomed as are studies which investigate symptom palliation and quality of life. National collaborative studies are preferred as these complement the National profile of the OCF fundraising profile and encourage different groups around Ireland to work together. Preference will be given to programme grant applications which clearly demonstrate processes for working in conjunction with other Funding Bodies.

The OCF considers its role to complement rather than substitute for other streams of funding. Applications will be accepted from clinicians, scientists or health care workers in Irish universities, medical schools, hospitals and research institutions. Cross border and international research will be supported but the lead researcher should be based in the Republic of Ireland. Applications are judged on the basis of clinical and scientific excellence, innovation and potential impact on policy and practice.


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