Lollipop Day
1st-2nd March 2019

Funding Oesophageal Cancer Research in Ireland

Who We Fund

OCF provides funding to a variety of individuals, groups and organisations involved with oesophageal cancer research in Ireland.

In total, OCF has raised €2.6 million euros to date and has provided almost €1.4 million euros of this for Clinical research in the main clinical academic cancercentres for upper gastrointestinal cancers across Ireland. In addition we run our annual fund raising and public awareness campaign Lollipop Day at the end of February each year. So far we have allocated approximately €1 million for public awareness programmes.

Some of the projects we have assisted with through funding are listed below:

Every year, a large portion of your Lollipop Day donations are invested in Ireland’s national Registry & Biobank for Barrett’s Oesophagus Patients. Fully funded by OCF, this essential database was established in 2009 to meet our aim of combating Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma (OAC) through early detection. To date, a total over €800,000 in Lollipop Day funding has gone towards keeping the Registry alive. Your contributions mean we can employ five full-time Registry personnel linking six national hospitals: St. James’s, St. Vincent’s, Beaumont, Mater Misericordiae in Dublin, Galway University Hospital and Mercy Hospital, Cork.



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