Lollipop Day
1st-2nd March 2019

Funding Oesophageal Cancer Research in Ireland

Who is at Risk?

Any adult is at risk. Oesophageal cancer was once considered a condition that was unique to male seniors, however this is no longer the case.

The primary risk factors are:

  • Age: Oesophageal cancer risks do increase with age. It is most prevalent among people who are 60 years and more. However, it can affect people as young as 20-35.
  • Gender: Oesophageal cancer is not gender exclusive but it does affect three times more men than women.
  • Smoking: Cigarettes and other tobacco products contribute significantly to the risk of developing oesophageal cancer.
  • Alcohol: Long-term heavy drinkers face increased oesophageal cancer risks.
  • Food: A diet lacking in fruit and vegetables, Vitamin A, C and riboflavin can increase oesophageal cancer risk. Frequent drinking of very hot liquids should be avoided.
  • Obesity: Obesity is a risk factor for some types of oesophageal cancer.


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